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Executive Management

Dov Feiner - President & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Feiner has planned and implemented the Company’s entry into the commercial antenna market. Prior to joining the Company, Mr Feiner served for 12 years in the research and development division of the Israeli Defense Force. Mr Feiner holds a B.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Ben- Gurion University . Mr Feiner is responsible for the overall management of the Company and its international and domestic activities

Zvi Frank -Chief Antenna Engineer  

Mr. Frank oversees the design, construction and testing of all antenna projects. His exceptional skills and experience have led to the design of MTI’s most innovative antennas. He holds an MS degree in Microwave Physics from the University of Surrey, UK.

Haim Giller - Chief Mechanical Engineer

Mr. Giller specializes in the design of antennas to withstand rough environment conditions, including high hydrostatic pressures, and in the development of composite materials. Mr. Giller holds a B.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.

Daniel Zerah- VP Research & Development

Mr. Zerah Joined MTI on April 1st, 2007, Over 30 years experience in the Telecommunication Industry (Military & Civilian applications). Last 10 years in Alvarion Ltd. Managing the OTS (Outsourcing) Department responsible for managing the projects developed for Alvarion by ODMs. 13 years in HP managing the SE (System Engineering) Group responsible for the development of big ATS (Automatic Test Systems) for the MOD, IAI, Telecomm Industry & other, 10 years in the IDF as R&D Engineer developing RF&MW modules for secured communication systems. Hold B.Sc.T.E degree from HIT (Holon Institute of Technology) & Business Management study from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.

Shlomo Ben-Naim - Corporate VP of Operations

Shlomo Joined MTI on October 2012. Over 25 years of experience in High Tech industries, Mr. Shlomo Ben-Naim comes after 3 years at Avdor Engineering as a CEO, CM company Build to Print and Build to Spec. Prior to Avdor Eng. Shlomo held a number of executive positions in several High Tech Israeli companies including the COO of AMS Electronics. Shlomo holds B.A. in Business Administration (York University) and CQM (ALD College).


Micha Gadot – Senior Quality Assurance & EHS manager

Micha has joined MTI on January 2015, after serving in this role between May,2008 – September,2011.   Mr.  Gadot leads MTI's Quality Assurance and EHS  activities, with prime focus on full Customers' Satisfaction.  Micha brings more than 20 years of experience in QA management  in High –Tech industry. Previously, Micha worked in Given Imaging (purchased by Covidien\Medtronic during 2014) for about 3 years as its Global Supplier Quality manager, with overall responsibility for all quality activities of the company and its daughter companies in the USA ,Israel and Vietnam. Micha holds a B.A. degree in Mechanical Engineering and holds a CQM (Certified Quality Management) diploma from A.S.Q

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