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MTI Wireless Edge to Exhibit at the DSEI Show 2017

MTI Wireless Edge to Exhibit at the DSEI Show 2017 (Enlarge)

MTI Wireless Edge will exhibit at the DSEI Show 2017 ExCeL Exhibition Centre, London ●

September 12-15th ● we invite you to visit us at booth N2-360.


MTI's main field is to cooperate with large system manufacturers and system integrators to develop specialized antennas for Submarine, Marine and Airborne applications as well as to provide off the shelf antenna solutions to these customers who can integrate them in their products.


Some of recent projects include supplying DF antenna arrays from 0.5-40 GHz for marine applications in Asia, Submarine DF system in Europe, South America and the Far East and multiple Airborne DF antennas in Europe and the Far East.


This year, MTI has opened a new company in India called Ginat Wave. Ginat Wave is an Indian company jointly owned by MTI Wireless Edge and local partners in the field of military activity in India. Ginat Wave is fully authorized to participate in military and commercial offset tenders and projects. Ginat Wave performs antenna production, RF system assembly including BTP, RF cable and harness assembly and production, antenna and RF system maintenance and installation.


About MTI Wireless Edge Ltd.

MTI Wireless Edge Ltd. is developing and manufacturing military antennas for over 40 years.  Our expertise is Submarine antenna systems for Direction Finding and Communications, Airborne Direction Finding and Communication Blade antennas for high speed aircrafts, Naval Direction Finding antenna arrays and specialized antennas for severe military environments.



For more details contact:

Eran Shmulinson – Director Marketing & Sales

Tel: +972-54-2616397 Fax: +972-3-9008901



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