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MIMO Antennas, Smart Antennas and Dual Polarity Antennas for Fixed and Mobile WiMAX IEEE-802.16e


MTI Wireless Edge provides a selection of MIMO and smart antenna solutions for WiMAX next generation for both CPE and Base Stations [BTS] improving the system performance and network coverage. Using MIMO or smart antenna at the base station allows the choice of the most cost effective subscriber [CPE] antenna system improving the Return On Investment [ROI] of a WiMAX network. The MTI smart antenna solutions are used for beam forming, beam switching, diversity combining and switching, MIMO and other intelligent antenna systems.


The MTI MIMO and smart antenna system solutions augments the signal quality  and detection of the radio-based system through more efficient transmission or reception of radio signals hence enhancing capacity, coverage, throughput, frequency reuse and more. Smart antenna system solutions combine an antenna array with digital signal-processing capability to transmit and receive in a predefined or adaptive, spatially sensitive manner. By applying a variety of new signal processing algorithms, the adaptive system is able to effectively locate and track end-users signals resulting in dynamically minimized interference and maximized signal reception. This dramatically increases the performance characteristics of a wireless system.

MTI currently supplies a large selection of vertical and horizontal dual polarity antennas and develops Dual Slant CPE and BTS antennas for IEEE-802.16e Mobile WiMAX in 2.3-2.7GHz and 3.3-3.8GHz frequency ranges.

MTI MIMO and smart antenna solutions cover a variety of different frequencies. For example, MTI MT-404052/NV smart base station antenna includes 8 active radiating antenna elements (transmit/receive) and one calibration network. The phase and amplitude matched radiation column is a 3.4-3.6GHz unit with 120° azimuth beam width. The antenna beam shape and direction is managed by the transceiver with the calibration port measuring the phase and amplitude of each radiating column.


MTI smart WIMAX self-installed indoor subscriber [CPE] antenna is a compact and easy to integrate, switch selectable antenna array specifically designed to meet the needs of the WIMAX market. The antenna is designed to be either integrated as part of the radio, or, supplied as a separate unit to be added on to the radio by the end user. The MTI smart WIMAX indoor subscriber [CPE] antenna provides full 360 deg coverage by multi directional high gain beams. The high gain directional beams provide better RF link budgets with the base station and reduce side lobes interference. The smart CPE antenna can include 4 to 8 elements with the integral solid state RF switch controlling the active sector.


MTI is a one-stop-shop, offering the widest array of high quality low cost, fixed and mobile WiMAX, smart antennas solutions available in the market,

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