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MTI Wireless Edge antennas help farmers in being more efficient and reduce farm expenditures

Improving Geese egg laying efficiency by using RFID systems in geese incubation precision systems


Written by David Shani, V.P. of Marketing and Sales at MTI Wireless Edge




Many farmers grow cattle, poultry and other livestock for producing milk, eggs, meat and other agricultural goods, without the ability of measuring the efficiency of each individual animal. Having the ability to trace each individual animal and measure its efficiency can save farmers a lot of time and money in feeding and caring after inefficient and non productive individuals.


By using Sirit RFID systems with MTI Wireless Edge antennas installed by RiTAG, farmers growing geese in Taiwan managed to increase their egg production efficiency by almost 30%.



The goals


The Purposes of this application were:

1. Identify the geese which do not lay eggs

2. Track the number of eggs each individual goose lays

3. Track specific egg-laying habits



System description


The system is based on:

1. Reader: Sirit/IN 510 Reader

2. Antenna: MTI Wireless/MT-262006

3. I/O Module: Litum

4. Photo sensor: Fotek

5. Goose cage: RiTag

6. Goose Tag: RiTag

Testing Period: 2 years 


Fig – 1: Geese henhouse




Fig – 2: Geese henhouse




Fig – 3: Sirit RFID system





Fig – 4: MTI Wireless Edge RFID antenna





Fig – 5: The henhouse is ready for the geese




Fig – 6: The henhouse is ready for the geese





By using this system we found:

1.       That 27.09% of the geese do not lay eggs at all

2.       The individual geese which do not lay eggs at all

3.       The geese were categorized into three categories by how many eggs each individual animal lays (High, Mid, Low)

4.       Geese tend to lay eggs at night



Summary and conclusions


By using an RFID system with MTI Wireless Edge antennas, we allow farmers to identify non productive animals, increasing the farm efficiency and reducing expenditures wasted on non productive individual animals.

















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