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Custom and Special Application Antennas

MTI has over 40 years of experience in a wide range of special antennas and antenna systems. MTI expertises in development, design, analysis, simulations, production and testing of special-purpose and standard antennas, from HF to millimeter wave bands. MTI has designed comprehensive solutions for:

  • COMMINT and COMJAM Broadband Antennas.
  • Antenna Arrays for DF Systems.
  • ESM Antennas and Arrays for Submarines.
  • ELINT antenna systems
  • UAV Special Antennas

We work in close cooperation with our customers, help achieving business objectives in a competitive environment, and pride ourselves in delivering innovative products that address client-specific needs. From product design to delivery, MTI consistently seeks to empower industry leaders in the wireless communications field with innovative, tailor-made antenna products that meet the requirements.




Antenna for Systems and DF Systems

Adcock DF Antenna - 20-500 MHz (MT-958003)

Our family of Adcock DF Antennas provides 360º azimuth coverage over a frequency band of 20-500 MHz.  All antennas are phase matched designed for excellent DF accuracy with extremely small physical dimensions.  The antennas can be used either for fixed location or mobile applications.


Air borne interferometer antenna array - 700 MHz -18 GHz (MT-6010)

Our Airborne interferometer antenna arrays are integrated into a very accurate direction finding system.  It is mounted on a fairing, on both sides of a large subsonic aircraft (up to 0.9 mach).  The system consists of 10 flush-mounted subsets of antenna arrays that include interferometer, reference and side-looking antennas.  The system is used for direction finding by comparing phase signals.  The reference and side looking antennas ensure unambiguous angular accuracy. 


Monopulse DF Constant Beamwidth Horn Array - 8.5-17 GHz (MT-6005)

The DF system consists of 21 DF horns. The complete system covers a 210º section.  The DF horns are mounted in a special frame covered by armored plate. The antenna system is designed for mounting on an armored personnel carriers.


DF Systems for Ships

Amplitude Monopulse Circular DF Antenna Array- 2-18 GHz (MT-6025)

The Circular DF Antenna Array is an accurate, circular, amplitude comparison system, covering 2-18 GHz Frequency range in three bands.  Its 60 horns are fixed in an aluminum tubing frame.  The system can be supplied in three 120º sectors.


Amplitude Monopulse DF Antenna Array- 2-18 GHz (MT-6040)

The DF antenna system is composed of two sub-assemblies; each one consists of two stacked DF antenna arrays for two bands, each covering a field of 180º.  The top array consists of 6 horn antennas covering the frequency range of 6-18 GHz. The bottom array, of the sub-assembly consists of 6 horn antennas covering the frequency rang of 2-6 GHz.  The 12 antennas are mounted in a frame, designed to produce an accurate orientation between the horns. The frame with the antennas is installed in a metal housing, covered by a special Radome. The housing with the Radome enables the system to withstand severe marine environment.


DF Systems for Submarines

Microwave Submarine Direction Finding Antenna - 2-18 GHz (MT-7030)

The Amplitude Monopulse DF Antenna covers the 2-18 GHz frequency in two bands. The lower band 2-8 GHz consists of a circular array of Eight Flat Spiral elements. The higher band 8-18GHz uses eight conical corrugated horn elements in a circular array. The elements are designed within almost constant Beamwidth which provides a very accurate DF accuracy.  All elements are covered by separate high pressure radomes designed to withstand water pressure of up to 50 atmospheres, while maintaining excellent radiation patterns and gain performance.  The antenna elements are mounted around the periphery of a stainless steel structure.  The pressurized structure also contains all the RF circuitry for the antenna system.  The system includes 2-18GHz Omnidirectional antenna mounted above the DF Array.


Antenna System for Periscope Mast –2-18 GHz (MT-7032)

It is a small Amplitude Monopulse DF antenna, suitable for mounting on the submarine's periscope. The system is divided into two bands. The low band (2-8) consists of an array of 6 Archimedes Spirals contained within a cylindrical Radome.  The upper band (8-18) consists of an array of eight 45 beamwidth horns.  An Omnidirectional antenna located above the DF system covers the full band.  The complete system provides excellent DF accuracy with extremely small physical dimensions.  The antenna can withstand a pressure of over 50 atmospheres.


Tracking antenna systems


2.2 - 2.4GHz Monopulse Flat Panel  Antenna (MT-959599)


The tracking antenna system suited for ground applications is comprised of a flat panel antenna and a hybrid system.

The system operates in the S-band, is lightweight with unique performance providing high tracking accuracy (elevation, azimuth and range)


10-11.5GHz Monopulse Flat Panel  Antenna (MT-566005/SV)


The tracking antenna system is comprised of a flat panel antenna and a hybrid system.

This compact design antenna (305X305mm) is suited for lab tests with high tracking accuracy (elevation, azimuth and range).


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