Ongoing Innovation that Empowers Exceptional Wireless Communications

Focused on the future, MTI Wireless Edge, a part of the MTI Group, is always at the forefront of innovation, developing groundbreaking technologies, frequencies, and innovative antennas.


Scoring Major Market Firsts

As market-leaders, we focus on introducing new technologies and continually developing new antennas.

MTI was the first to introduce Dual Band parabolic antennas, Automatic Beam Steering antennas, and E Band FCC compliant flat antennas. And there’s more to come.

Decades of Proven Experience

MTI offers the widest range of high-quality and high-performance antennas for all frequencies and challenging commercial, RFID, and military applications.

Commercial Antennas

Wireless telecommunications applications
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RFID Antennas

Antennas for RFID readers and terminals.
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Military Antennas

Airborne, naval and submarine, and ground antennas
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Our Mission

MTI Wireless Edge develops and manufactures high quality antennas for commercial, military and RFID markets. MTI continuously invests in groundbreaking technologies and explores new frequencies and innovative solutions to maintain our position as a leading antenna vendor.

Our ongoing investment in innovation allows us to empower our partners in the wireless communications field with cutting edge antennas for diverse and challenging applications as well as tailormade antennas.


Our Vision

We seek to be a benchmark company in the antenna industry providing world class products to the commercial, military and RFID markets, enabling our partners and customers to effectively serve end users through continuous innovation, cooperation, teamwork, and improvement.

Our Team

Dov Feiner
Antenna Division General Manager
Ilan Vainer
VP Research & Development
Israel Saraf
CTO & Chief Antenna Engineer
Yana Shpiler
Director Human Resources
Shlomo Ben-Naim
Corporate VP of Operations
Eran Shmulinson
VP Sales & Marketing
Micha Gadot
Senior Quality Assurance & EHS manager

Contact Us

    MTI Wireless Edge Ltd Headquarters

    11 Hamelacha St. Afek Industrial Park Rosh-Ha’Ayin, Israel 4809121
    Tel: +972-3-9008900
    Fax: +972-3-9008901

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