Driven by Innovation. Focused on Future Market Needs.

MTI continuously invests in groundbreaking technologies, explores new frequencies, and devises innovative solutions which empower our wireless communication customers with cutting-edge off-the-shelf and custom-made antennas.

Leading the world of antennas with market firsts

Continually developing new antennas, we are at the forefront of technology and innovation, being the first to introduce Dual Band parabolic antennas, Automatic Beam Steering antennas, E Band FCC compliant flat antennas, and more.

Innovative solutions for 5G backhaul

MTI was the first to develop and deploy Dual Band parabolic antennas which enable the use of both microwave and millimeter wave frequencies for backhaul applications, allowing cellular customers to enjoy the advantages of high bandwidth and high availability.

Stay Tuned for the Next Exciting Development

In millimeter wave frequencies MTI constantly provides new developments, new frequencies, and antennas. Providing solutions up to 174 GHz (D Band) and the only E Band FCC-compliant flat antenna, MTI is continuously working on innovative solutions.

Best in Class Solutions for the Defense Sector

Employing state of the art technologies MTI provides groundbreaking solutions in the defense sector operating in the harshest airborne, submarine, and marine environments. MTI continuously develop new radome technologies as well as new RF designs to provide best in class solutions.

World’s Only Automatic Beam Steering (ABS®)

Allows the deployment of a high gain E Band link with the ABS® 3ft parabolic E Band antenna which automatically tracks the beam through winds and vibrations — providing unrivalled performance where all other solutions have failed.

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